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ABSF Update

30 September 2020

Australian securitisation market conditions continue to improve but are not fully recovered. The case for restarting ABSF investment activity is strongest when there is a reasonable prospect for achieving progress against the AOFM’s market development objectives and this, in large part, is dependent on further improvements in market conditions. In addition, the Australian Securitisation Forum has indicated that it is unlikely that the working group it has established to improve market infrastructure (via the development of a standardised data template) will reconvene before the end of the calendar year. While not necessarily a precondition for recommencing ABSF activity, the industry’s capacity to engage with market development activity remains key to achieving the objectives of the ABSF.

The AOFM will provide a further update by mid-December and is hoping market conditions will support the next call for ABSF investment proposals in January.

In the meantime the AOFM will continue to engage with this part of the lending market through its SFSF investment activity.