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How to become a Registered Bidder

Only Registered Bidders may participate in the Primary Market.

To become a Registered Bidder in the AOFM Tender System, an entity must:

  1. Submit a Registered Bidder Application attached to the AOFM Tender System Conditions of Operation.
  2. Enter into a Registered Bidder Agreement with the AOFM. This binds the Registered Bidder and AOFM to the AOFM Tender System Conditions of Operation.
  3. Send these signed document(s) to:
Australian Office of Financial Management
Attention: Assurance Manager
Address: Treasury Building, Level 3, Newlands Street PARKES ACT 2600

Note that the AOFM will request a number of relevant documents to support the assessment of the application.

Bidding at Tenders

To bid at tenders, you will need access to the Yieldbroker DEBTS System. To register with Yieldbroker please contact:

Yieldbroker Help Desk
Telephone: 1800 220 550 (Toll free within Australia) or +61 2 9994 2890 (outside Australia)

There are fees payable to Yieldbroker to access the Tender System via Yieldbroker DEBTS.

Please note that all bids must comply with the applicable Information Memorandum (Treasury Bonds, Treasury Indexed Bonds and Treasury Notes).

Tender announcements provide full details of the tender, including details of the stock that is being offered. Notification of tender announcements and results can be obtained by subscribing to the AOFM email service.

Settlement is processed through the Austraclear System only.

For direct settlement, you or a third party (such as a global custodian or financial institution) will need to be registered with Austraclear. To find out more about Austraclear and becoming a participant, please refer to the Austraclear information located on the Australian Securities Exchange website. For further information please contact:

ASX Customer Service Centre
Telephone: 131 279 (within Australia) or +61 2 9338 0000 (outside Australia).