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Issuance Program Update: January 2023

 6 January 2023 

This notice provides details of planned issuance of Australian Government Securities by the Australian Office of Financial Management (AOFM) over the second half of 2022-23.

Treasury have advised the AOFM that the volume of funding required in 2022-23 is lower than estimated at the October Budget due to the timing of some cash transfers. The AOFM is revising the planned volume of Treasury Bond issuance for 2022-23 to around $85 billion (of which $45.6 billion has been completed).

Treasury Bond tenders will resume in the week commencing 30 January 2023. A new December 2034 bond line is also planned to be issued by syndication in the last quarter of 2022-23 (subject to market conditions).

Planned issuance of Treasury Indexed Bonds in 2022-23 will be around $2-$2.5 billion (of which $1 billion has been completed). Two tenders will be held most months with the next tender planned for 14 February 2023.

Issuance of Treasury Notes will resume on 12 January 2023. Weekly issuance volumes will depend on the timing and size of government receipts and outlays and the AOFM’s assessment of its cash portfolio requirements. 

Details of weekly transactions will continue to be announced at midday on the preceding Friday.