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2020-21 Issuance Program Update

15 January 2021

This notice provides updated details of planned issuance of Australian Government Securities by the Australian Office of Financial Management (AOFM) for the remainder of 2020-21.

Treasury Bonds

As previously advised, Treasury Bond issuance for 2020-21 is expected to be around $230 billion, of which $153.5 billion has been completed. Issuance via tender will be at a rate of $2-3 billion in most weeks. A new Treasury Bond line maturing in November 2032 will be launched by syndication. The AOFM does not plan to introduce any further additional Treasury Bond lines (including third calendar year maturities) during 2020-21. As previously advised, the AOFM will not resume Treasury Bond buyback tenders in 2020-21.

Treasury Indexed Bonds

Treasury Indexed Bond issuance of $2-2.5 billion is expected for 2020-21, of which $1.25 billion has already been undertaken. Two tenders of $100-200 million each will be held in most months.

Treasury Notes

The AOFM will continue regular issuance of Treasury Notes. Weekly tender volumes will vary according to the AOFM’s cash management requirements.