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Accessing the fSPV

The AOFM has worked with the securitisation industry, represented by the Australian Securitisation Forum (ASF), to establish the forbearance Special Purpose Vehicle (fSPV) that supports the capacity of small lenders to make forbearance provision for COVID-19 related hardship cases among their borrowers. At present, the availability period of the fSPV ends on 31 March 2021. Further information can be found in the July Quarterly SFSF Update.

Lenders that would like to participate in the fSPV programme are invited to provide an Expression of Interest by email to including:

  • specific interest for using the fSPV;
  • the number of related Trusts expected to access the program; and
  • the asset type and assets under management for each Trust, the weighted average interest rate on assets for each Trust (exclusive of principal payments, fees, and other charges), the number and volume of assets currently in COVID-19 hardship for each Trust and the number and volume of assets currently in 30+ and 90+ days arrears for each Trust.