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SFSF Update – Multi-seller warehouse facility

24 August 2020

While not seeing its role as an initiator of proposals, the AOFM has previously signalled its in-principle support for the establishment of ‘multi-seller’ warehouse vehicles that would provide the benefits of scale to relatively small originators seeking to establish warehouse facilities and to facilitate expediting applications for investment from the SFSF.

The AOFM advises that a proposal has been received from a consortium comprising Neu Capital, HHR Capital Partners, AMAL Trustee, Grant Thornton and Clayton Utz, the ‘Small and Medium Originator Programme’ (SMOP).

The AOFM is advising that it intends to work with the consortium with a view to the SFSF becoming one of the investors in the securities issued by the SMOP.

The AOFM has not entered into an exclusive arrangement with the proponents of the SMOP, however the SMOP is currently the only multi-seller proposal under consideration by the AOFM.

For more information or to review a copy of the SMOP proposal, contact Edward Jones at Neu Capital via