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SFSF Update July– Forbearance Special Purpose Vehicle

14 July 2020

An update on the SFSF program – including the establishment of a Forbearance Special Purpose Vehicle (“fSPV”) to support smaller lenders impacted by forbearance arrangements in their securitisation vehicles – has been released by the AOFM today.

As part of the finalised arrangements for the fSPV, the requirements of SFSF Eligible Lenders (“Lenders”) to gain access to support from the fSPV are now available.

All Lenders who provided an Expression of Interest following the AOFM’s 21 May announcement will be contacted directly to detail the requirements for entry into the fSPV programme. Those Lenders who have expressed an interest in the fSPV, but have not received a formal acknowledgement of this interest, should re-submit their interest as per the AOFM’s earlier announcement

All other Lenders that would like to participate in the fSPV programme are invited to provide an Expression of Interest per the AOFM’s earlier announcement.