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Australian Government Fixed Income Forum - Tokyo 2023

Event date: 24 May 2023

This forum was a half day event which provided investors from Japan with an update of the Australian fixed income market from the Australian Treasury, the Reserve Bank of Australia, major government issuers, the securitisation sector, and institutional investors in AUD fixed income.


Topic Speaker
Australian Economic Outlook Dr Steven Kennedy – The Treasury Secretary, Australian Department of Treasury
Update on the AGS Funding Task and Issuance Ms Anna Hughes – Chief Executive Officer, Australian Office of Financial Management
Update from New South Wales Treasury Corporation Mr David Deverall – Chief Executive Officer
Update from Queensland Treasury Corporation (cover slide only, including link to QTC website) Mr Leon Allen – Chief Executive Officer
Update from Treasury Corporation of Victoria Mr Michael Larkin – Chief Executive Officer
Update from Western Australian Treasury Corporation Ms Kaylene Gulich – Chief Executive Officer
Australian Fixed Income Market Dynamics Mr David Jacobs, Head of Domestic Markets, Reserve Bank of Australia
GPIF's ESG and Stewardship Activities Mr Kenji Shiomura, Government Pension Investment fund
Australian Securitisation Market Mr Chris Dalton – Chief Executive Officer, Australian Securitisation Forum