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Why work for the AOFM?

The Australian Office of Financial Management (AOFM) manages the Australian Government’s debt portfolio and Official Public Account to meet the government’s payment obligations.

The AOFM also invests in securitisation products to maintain access to finance for small and medium enterprises and support competitive lending markets.

Working at the AOFM will enable you to develop skills related to the financial markets while understanding the unique role the agency plays as the interface between the Australian Government and global markets. Our people have a high degree of ownership of their work, are given significant responsibilities and work closely with senior staff.

Joining our team, you’ll be motivated to be part of achieving excellence in an important role within government through financial market operations and planning for them. The AOFM is known for its capability, experience and agility. Regardless of the area in which you work, your contribution will be highly valued and will help the AOFM achieve its objectives.

What is our vision?

Building a stakeholder-focused organisation that has a strong international reputation for excellence in sovereign debt management, and employee engagement and innovation.

What are our values?


To act reliably with integrity and transparency. To work respectfully and collaboratively.


To continuously improve through curiosity and innovation. To adapt to changing circumstances and deliver as a prominent, respected authority.


To welcome all perspectives and embrace different ideas. To be valued as our authentic selves, and to respect and include everyone.

What do our staff say about us?

Results from the 2023 APS Employee Census show that AOFM staff:

  • Are proud to work at the AOFM – 83%
  • Believe strongly in the purpose and objectives of their agency – 94%
  • Feel committed to their Agency’s goals – 97%
  • Are satisfied with the stability and security of their job – 94%
  • Believe their supervisor cares about their health and wellbeing – 81%
  • Have people in their workgroup cooperate to get the job done – 94%.

The census is an annual survey which captures employee views on important workplace issues, such as job satisfaction, employee engagement, performance management, and leadership.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for problem solvers from a variety of disciplines to work collaboratively to meet our outcomes. We need people who will:

  • Work collaboratively to achieve outcomes
  • Analyse data to identify solutions
  • Grow, through a commitment to continuous learning
  • Communicate and influence stakeholders 
  • Build and maintain relationships 
  • Identify, assess and mitigate risks 
  • Maintain and interpret data using modern techniques.

The AOFM employs people from a variety of fields including actuarial studies, economics, finance, statistics, accounting and administration. Diversity is a core value here at the AOFM and we welcome people from all cultures and backgrounds.  

What is our work?

The AOFM has people working in quantitative analysis, deal execution, liquidity management, structured finance, risk management, compliance, system management, settlements, accounting and corporate development.

Our people work in small teams. Some are involved in cross-unit projects and staff with the required skills or capability can move between roles within the AOFM as they become available.

What do we offer?

We recognise that our people are central to our success and we are committed to their personal growth and development. Where appropriate, we arrange for employees to attend short courses, conferences, and industry forums. This may include professional qualifications (e.g. Chartered Financial Analyst, Chartered Accountant) or tertiary study relevant to your role. The AOFM recognises that staff training and development, including on-the-job opportunities, are key to maintaining a high performing work environment.

The AOFM is a small, highly specialised agency which gives employees access to mentoring from experienced professionals as part of their day-to-day work. You will develop knowledge of financial markets, portfolio management and risk management.

What are our benefits and conditions?

  • Competitive salaries with salary growth linked to performance
  • 15.4% superannuation contributions in addition to your salary
  • Flexible working arrangements are available 
  • A standard work day of 7 and a half hours with time off in lieu available to balance work commitments
  • Generous leave provisions including 4 weeks annual leave, up to 3 weeks personal leave and paid stand down over the Christmas to New Year period
  • 16 weeks paid maternity leave and 2 weeks paid parenting leave for spouses or partners
  • Options to purchase or cash out recreation leave
  • Study assistance though financial support and/or leave
  • The AOFM will cover reasonable relocation costs to Canberra where required.

For more information, please read AOFM's Enterprise Agreement.

How do we work?

The AOFM has a high-performance culture, with staff working collaboratively and proactively to achieve superior outcomes for Australia.