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Vision and Purpose

Our Vision:

Excellence in sovereign financial management.

Our Mission:

To meet the Australian Government's debt financing needs and, as directed, domestic lending market policy objectives.

Our Purposes:

  • Meet the government's annual financing task while managing the trade-offs between costs and risks.
  • Ensure the government can always meet its cash outlay requirements.
  • Conduct market facing activities in a manner that supports a well-functioning Australian Government Securities (AGS) market.
  • Meet the priorities of the Australian Business Securitisation Fund (ABSF) and Structured Finance Support Fund (SFSF).

Our Values:

The AOFM's values set the foundation for all actions and behaviours. These values are as follows:

  • Integrity - we are professional, respectful, transparent, and impartial.
  • Results focused - we demonstrate a thorough understanding of our responsibilities, take pride in our work and are accountable for our decisions.
  • Responsiveness - we consult meaningfully, and demonstrate initiative, collaboration, and agility.
  • Excellence - we focus on achieving outstanding results and building capability through cultivating and empowering talent.
  • Clarity - we communicate in a straightforward and timely manner.