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Vision and Purpose

Our Vision:

Building a stakeholder-focused organisation that has a strong international reputation for excellence in sovereign debt management, and employee engagement and innovation.

Our Mission:

To meet the Australian Government's debt financing needs and, as directed, domestic lending market policy objectives.

Our Purpose:

  • Meet the government's annual financing task while managing the trade-offs between costs and risks.
  • Ensure the government can always meet its cash outlay requirements.
  • Conduct market facing activities in a manner that supports a well-functioning Australian Government Securities (AGS) market.
  • Meet the priorities of the Australian Business Securitisation Fund (ABSF) and Structured Finance Support Fund (SFSF).

Our Values:


To act reliably with integrity and transparency. To work respectfully and collaboratively.


To continuously improve through curiosity and innovation. To adapt to changing circumstances and deliver as a prominent, respected authority.


To welcome all perspectives and embrace different ideas. To be valued as our authentic selves, and to respect and include everyone.