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Vision and Purpose


Acknowledged for excellence in sovereign financial management.

Purpose (Mission):

To fully meet the government’s debt financing and cash needs, and achieve its policy objectives to support the domestic lending market. The AOFM will take into account the potential for its operations to impact Australian financial markets.

Guiding Principles (AOFM Values):

The AOFM, as the interface between government and financial markets is required to exercise considerable judgement. It is necessary to balance the pursuit of government objectives and community outcomes with an understanding of the incentives that drive financial market participants. In this regard, it is important that the AOFM is seen in its day-to-day dealings to be:

  • of the highest integrity – we consistently act in a professional, respectful, transparent and impartial manner that will withstand scrutiny;
  • results focussed – we demonstrate a thorough understanding of our responsibilities and take pride in our work, owning decisions that we make;
  • responsive – we consult carefully and demonstrate initiative and the ability to adapt to changing circumstances; and
  • clear – we communicate in a straightforward and timely manner.