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Retail Buyback Facility

Investors in Australian Government Securities are able to sell their holdings to the Australian Government. The Australian Government's Buyback Facility is operated by Computershare Investor Services (Computershare).

Investors can sell their holdings of Treasury Bonds and/or Treasury Indexed Bonds. Investors can sell their entire holdings or in minimum parcels of $1,000 face value. Investors will not incur a fee when utilising the Buyback Facility.


Investors will receive a market price for any bond sold through the Buyback Facility. Prices are set based on current mid-rate prices in the wholesale secondary market. Prices are provided on a ‘T+2’ basis; that is, the price offered to investors will include accrued interest up until the date when payment is made for the buyback transaction.

Further information about the pricing formulae and information memoranda for these bonds can be found on the Treasury Bonds and Treasury Indexed Bonds web pages.

How to sell

Investors must submit a Buyback_form [PDF 189KB] to Computershare to sell Australian Government Securities back to the Australian Government.  Buyback forms that are incomplete or do not contain the necessary supporting documentation will not be processed by Computershare.

The proceeds from the sale of holdings will be distributed to investors two days after receipt of the Buyback Form using the current payment instructions held by the Registrar (Computershare).

Computershare will not process any Buyback Forms received two business days prior to a record date until after the next coupon payment date. All Buyback Forms received during this period will be processed on the day immediately following the next coupon payment date.

Buyback prices

Historical buyback prices for securities available in the Australian Government Securities Register can be sourced by contacting Computershare.


Information on this website regarding the Australian Government Securities Buyback Facility does not constitute investment advice. Representatives of the Australian Government or Computershare are unable to provide investment advice. Investors should obtain independent financial advice before selling Australian Government Securities. It is possible for capital gains or losses to be made if Australian Government Securities are sold prior to maturity.