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Retail Investor Forms

These forms are only applicable for managing holdings in Australian Government Securities, registered under a Holder Reference Number (HRN).

To update information relating to your holdings, please complete the relevant form. The completed form should be returned to Computershare’s mailing address listed below.

If you have any questions or queries about the forms below, please call Computershare. Computershare can also forward a hard copy of these forms to your registered mailing address on request. Computershare’s contact details are provided on the Registrar Contact Details web page.

Change of Investor Details

Change of Name [PDF 131KB]
Change of Address [PDF 103KB]
Direct Credit [PDF 159KB]
Investor Contact Details [PDF 105KB]
Tax File Number/ Australian Business Number [PDF 107KB]
Minor Register Correction and Indemnity [PDF 108KB]


Change of Holdings

Standard Transfer [PDF 122KB]
Buyback [PDF 189KB]
Transmission [PDF 105KB]
Request to Consolidate Holdings [PDF 103KB]


Deceased Estates

Intestacy Request and Indemnity [PDF 113KB]
Small Estate Indemnity [PDF 113KB]
Deceased Estates Checklist [PDF 63KB]
Confirmation of Deceased's Name [PDF 99KB]
Request to Register Surviving Holders [PDF 161KB]
Statutory Declaration [PDF 128KB]